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The Angelina Arts Alliance is deeply committed to its educational and outreach programs. In fact, education is at the core of its mission.

Through the generous support of the community, the Angelina Arts Alliance presents an annual Schooltime Series, held at the Temple Theater and Pines Theater. Typically on Fridays, local students ranging from Pre-K through High School are bused to the theater to experience high quality educational performances. There are six to seven Schooltime performances each season and all of them are curriculum based and adhere to TEKS standards. Some schools drive many miles to be a part of the Schooltime Series.

Through the Educational Outreach Series, the Angelina Arts Alliance brings the arts into the community. Whether it is held at a school, library, civic center or other venue, outreach performances help us connect with the community on a deeper level.

On average, the Angelina Arts Alliance reaches 10,000 students each year.


Each season, Angelina Arts Alliance provides a diversity of performing arts experiences for students in grades Pre-K through 12. Professional artists/educators travel from around the world to perform during the school day for local students and teachers.

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educational OUTREACH Series

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The Angelina Arts Alliance presents a series specifically for families and young audience members entitled the Discovery Series. This series integrates learning with live theatrical or musical performances for ages 3 and up.
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For the last 15 years, the Arts Alliance and Angelina College have had a very special and unique partnership sharing the facilities of Temple Theater on the college campus.

The college has the opportunity to have first-class artists and productions on campus. Fine Arts majors can work as stagehands supporting Arts Alliance productions and drama and music majors can benefit from master classes given by visiting artists. All Angelina College students can attend performances with rush tickets on stand-by. The partnership gives Angelina College students unique opportunities on their own campus in possibly the best junior college theater facility in the state.

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