Cultural Partners

Museum of East Texas

Originally in a historic 1906 church, the Museum contains an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures produced by East Texas artists as well as American, Latin American and European masters. The Museum offers a variety of public programs throughout the year such as exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and children’s events, and its commitment to visual arts education and cultural enrichment is the driving force behind all of its programs.

Forestry Museum

The mission of the Texas Forestry Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret objects, papers, and photographs which pertain to the natural and cultural history of the people, places, and products and benefits associated with the forest, forestry, and related professions, and the forest-related industries in the state of Texas. The museum prioritizes education of the public, from pre-school through senior adult, about the heritage of forestry and sound forestry practices in Texas.

Naranjo Museum

Established in 2011 by the Naranjo Foundation, the mission of the Naranjo Museum of Natural History is to provide access to natural history artifacts and exhibits about ancient cultures, the natural world, and universe. The purpose of the Museum is to educate children and the general public about the world’s history through programs created and implemented by museum staff.

Ellen Trout Zoo

Since 1977, Ellen Trout Zoo has offered a myriad of educational programs to schools in the East Texas area, such as “Wildlife on Wheels,” a series of in-classroom programs for elementary students about endangered species, animal adaptations, animal taxonomy, and rainforest environments, various school programs at the zoo, teacher workshops, university internships, summer programs, and curriculum supplements.