Family Funday

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo presents dinosaurs for kids as you've never seen them before - up close and personal.  Dinosaur Zoo offers the perfect mix of live entertainment, learning, daring and all around fun for the whole family.  It's a puppet-tastic kids' show, from teeny adorable reptile babies to the monstrous carnivore that freaks out the smallest of volunteers.  If you have a dinosaur obsessed child or one that you can borrow to accompany you, Dinosaur Zoo is well worth a visit!  Part puppet show, part paleontology lesson, Dinosaur Zoo is an interactive and educational show that sets out to help kids better understand the prehistoric era and bring dinosuars to life.  They look remarkably life-like and move around the stage in a mesmerizing, and in some instances frightening, manner. This show is aimed at kids and it delivers fun, excitement and some great education.  The young audience is encouraged to interact with the dinosaur puppets from the very start, especially, those seated in 'the danger zone' at the very front!  Dinosaur Zoo, with interaction and science at its core, is very different from any of the other dinosaur shows you'll see, and at just 55 minutes long it is perfect for the attention span of even very young children.  Any dino-lover over three should not miss it.

Ticket prices:

Special VIP 'DINO PACK':  Adults $35 *Kids $25   -- General Admission: Adults $12 *Kids $8

('VIP DINO PACK' includes: one ticket in the first 5 rows, a souvenir and a meet and greet with the dinosaurs before the show)

*Kids: age 17 and under

Sponsored by:  Jordan Family Dentistry and The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy