AC Partnership

The Arts Alliance and Angelina College

a Special Partnership


For the last 15 years, the Arts Alliance and Angelina College have had a very special and unique partnership sharing the facilities of Temple Theater on the college campus.

The Angelina Center for the Arts building and Temple Theater were opened in 2001 and made possible with the help of significant donations from several local and state foundations with the understanding that the building would be the new home for both the college Fine Arts Division and the Arts Alliance.

Temple Theater/ACA building will host college drama and musical events, graduation ceremonies, nurse pinnings as well as visual arts exhibits in the gallery, while making the calendar available for Arts Alliance's Performing Arts Series and Schooltime Series performances.

The benefits of this partnership are many. The Arts Alliance uses the theater, technical space and equipment, offices and the box office rent free. The Alliance and the college share a very busy stage operations manager.

The college has the opportunity to have first-class artists and productions on campus. Fine Arts majors can work as stagehands supporting Arts Alliance productions and drama and music majors can benefit from master classes given by visiting artists. All Angelina College students can attend performances with rush tickets on stand-by.

The partnership gives Angelina College students unique opportunities on their own campus in possibly the best junior college theater facility in the state.

The Arts Alliance and Angelina College – a partnership benefitting the entire community.


Dr. Mike Simon

President-Angelina College